Monday, June 29

What Honor I Can Bestow

My Dear Ash,

It did not seem that long ago that I first built you. In trying to save a life that was too far gone, I was astounded to discover I had in fact created an entirely new life.

From the beginning you have proven your bravery. You sacrificed your first body to save a brother you had never met. You were uncompromising in protecting me when I had regressed in age by a failed experiment to a petulant child. You were crucial in the liberation of Steeltopia and the restoration of the Emperor's just reign. And finally, you assisted the construction of and my escape to the Clockwork Caravel. For all this, you never asked for more than the proper uniforms, the tools of your trade and a place to recharge at night.

All this is now denied you. I hope this gift will begin to make up for it.

Your older sister Gematria was built with a Galvanic Tesseractor integrated into her design. The GT is my greatest invention, a device that folds time and space to allow a construct to travel almost anywhere and anywhen.

This may seem like a simple pocketwatch to you, but it is far more than that. Under the functioning face you will find a miniaturized hadron collider powered by a flywheel in a frictionless zone. Yes, Ash, this is a Galvanic Tesseractor attachment, built especially for you.

Fasten the chain to complete the circuit and let it charge. Gematria will show you how to use it when you are ready. While she uses a Quantum Displacer Control disguised as a necklace to manipulate the transchronal energies, all of your controls are within your device.

Use it well, my Son. You've earned it.

With Proud Affections,
~Dr. Darien James Mason

*Replicas of the GMT Quantum Displacer Control and the Galvanic Tesseractor Pocketwatch (aka Pocketwatch of Gemological Mystery) are available at Clockwork Couture. Please note that while the GMT-QDC is conspicuously beautiful and indicative of a wearer that grasps the secrets of traveling the Continuum, it does not function without a working Tesseractor. The Tesseractor Pocketwatch replica, for safety reasons, is preset to take the wearer through time at the rate of one minute per minute with proper maintenance. Which, really, is for the best. Trust me on this.


Rhianon Jameson said...

Oooh, nice save with that disclaimer at the end! Otherwise, I could see the complaints a-comin'.

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Beautifull writen, sir... I hope Ash appreciates both the gift and your words...