Thursday, June 18

Foundation Day

My deva hadn't quite expected a birthday like this. The Founder and his kin have been exiled many times before. He would rage for a bit, then laugh it up and start again. I am grateful for the advice you have given me, my friends. Yes, it would be easy to sneak back into the Linden Grid. But what would be the point? My presence will still be felt in the Steamlands through other venues.

The esteemed Sir JJ Drinkwater thinks my exile is a blessing in disguise. OSGrid has its builders, he says. But it needs more than builders (and an economy) for it to grow. It needs a community.

If you wish to send me a birthday gift of some sort? Send me a friendship request in OSGrid. I'll be in Quirm tonight if you wish to stop by. Now if you someone would be so kind as to transfer some men's Victorian attire...and hair...and a mustache?


Anonymous said...

I just can't muster enthusiasm for OSgrid when I won't have my 25K inventory there. If I could still go and be the SL me, I would, but I have invested way too much money in SL to go look like Ruth again.

If I want to be ugly, I have RL. :(

Darien Mason said...

They've figured out how to transfer entire sim layouts from OSGrid to SL, and I assume back again. It's only a matter of time before they make intergrid crossing seemless enough to take your belongings with you!

I had just over 10K items myself which I know I'll NEVER get back. And that's not even counting my children's belongings!

Rhianon Jameson said...

Anonymous couldn't have put it better. :)

The lagstorms were so bad when I was there that I didn't have the patience to try to de-Ruth myself. From your reports, it doesn't sound as though that problem has gotten any better.

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Happy Birthday - I'm watching your OSG explorations with great interest!

Anonymous said...

Heppy Rezday (slightly belated, zorry!), Onkle Darien!

Today iz my first rezday in SL, und it vould have been nize to have a Conzulate party together. Please say "hi" to Ash und Gem for me, und Hy hope Hy'll see hyu soon!