Wednesday, June 17

There in Spirit

Thanks to a bit of media fiddling by Tensai I was able to participate in the Steelhead Town Meeting last night. I was overjoyed to sit in on the playful madness that is Steelheads city politics!

This advancement further deconstructs the Second Life experience. Why log onto SL and teleport to a crowded room to suffer the lag of 30 avatars sitting down through a lagging chat, when you can contribute to the conversation from the safety of your web browser?


HBA said...

Can't keep a good man down ;-)

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

OOC: Remeber I mentioned that Caledon blogger who wrote about leaving SL and ending up in another MMO? Here is the post her did it in:

He seems to have stopped now, but the stuff he wrote in the other world (City of Heroes) is very good.

Darien Mason said...

Hmmm...he states he's moving to a new blog...with a dead link.

Also, I'm sticking to free (or at at least no monthly fees) MMOs at this time. Thanks for looking out for me, HBA!

Rhianon Jameson said...

Safety indeed - no ducking rotten fruit, or scurrying away from villagers bearing pitchforks and torches!