Friday, June 19

OSGrid: Ironforge

The scanners onboard the Gygax indicated this area was a crater formed by a meteor strike. As such we could extract vital resources to expand the ship's abilities. I was pleased to find some Sparks had arrived before me.

I felt nostalgic in this steam train. There was also a well-built iron bridge over a nearby stream. This was obviously a test build, since the train went nowhere.

At first I thought this was a tethered airship, but then I realized it was a windmill! I had considered building one for Mason labs, but it would not have been this advanced! The resident must be one of those "ecopunks" I've heard about.

A stranded barge. Was someone experimenting with magnetic fields?

I found a teleport ring and found myself on board a familiar-looking airship. Note the metallic balloons. Gematria built her CIRRUS fireship on a the same principles. Back on the surface I found huge boulders of solid iron ore lying in plain sight. This would be much easier than I thought!

I heard creaking noises and looked up. That home was in a precarious position. I flew to investigate. Note the poor chap in the corner. Too late to save, even with my abilities. What was he thinking building here anyway? Eh? Is that an alcove in the rocks?

EUREKA! It's a cavorite well! There's energy here for me to...

*evil grin*

Well, you'll find out soon enough, won't you?


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

So have you found a plot to call your home yet? I am eager to see what you and your Childer will begin to make in this new world-shard...

Darien Mason said...

No HBA, not yet. I'm using Quirm as my base of operations, but judging from the multiple crashes last night, this world may not be stable enough yet.