Wednesday, May 6

sanctuary in which I hide from the world I despise

Oh, hello Ash, Gem, Ama, Koen! And you're the actor standing in as Jeremiah! It's a cast party! The whole family's almost here except for Qli-2. She's hard to find. You'd think a cybernetic Celt would be easier to spot? You all know sparky I presume...oh my goodness is that marion? Oh you're in the pre-upgrade body! I sold it because I couldn't bear to scrap it for parts! This not-father must have put you back together! But I thought you...oh you came back with him from Erebus! Well that almost makes sense! My fantasies are so wonderfully intricate! I should write them down! Sheriff, will you take down dictation? Oh, no thumbs. What about shorthand? Oh we're missing Marcus! Say, where is he? It's almost time for my amino acid solution!

What? Put me back together? Oh don't be silly! I'm quite enjoying this bodiless existence, thank you very much. Sheriff Goblinsky is here to keep me company. He tells the most entertaining stories.

You don't see him? Well that's because you're not real. And YOU, you don't even look like my Father! Why do I know? Because I was him. And he was me. We were clones you see. And Marcus makes three.

No really, this is the most relaxed I've been in years! I don't even have any...well alright there's that body I fished out of the bay, but...Hey! Leave him alone! He's had a bad week! Sheriff Goblinsky, arrest that faux-father! What do you mean you don't have THUMBS? I've got a whole drawer of them! Go get a few!

Unhand me this instant! These gloves are cold! NO! This can't be happening! Why do I feel limbs again? SHERIFF! You're not real! This isn't REEEEEEEAAAALLL!!!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Brain Boy. And I wasn't even there to help!