Wednesday, May 6

the wall was too high as you can see

I remember removing my helmet, looking down at Marcus's corpse that I had blown large holes in because it had refused to stay dead...then an impact from behind... a metal claw suddenly clamped around my skull and the deafening whir of bonesaws...

For over a month I have been trapped this jar. This isn't the first time I've been in this jar I'm ashamed to say. But at least that time I had a robot's body to ride on top of. Marcus gloated over me constantly, wearing my own face. He told me how stupid I was to trust him again, how even though he only ruled an island for a little while it was more than I ever would rule.

He would rant for hours about how he'd capture Koen and send him back to the Vortex, the new King of Erebus would destroy the Hydra, then send his troops to conquer the Steamlands and make him the provincial ruler. If that wasn't bad enough I had to watch as he mangled my body with one procedure after another, trying to make himself more powerful even as his lifecode needed more and more reanimation serum to keep stable.

Poor sparky doesn't understand he's not the real me. I have no voice, and she can't hear my thoughts. I'm just another curiosity on the madboy's shelf to her.

I thought I saw a mouse that felt like Kira. I begged her to help. It must have been a hallucination. I've been having a lot of those lately. They keep me entertained. Mostly designs I regret I'll never build. And there are those little robots and goblins sitting down for tea in front of me but are too impolite to share with me. Not that I'm hungry, but I'd appreciate the thought.

There's an interesting one I'm right watching right now. It's on the security viewscreen, which normally means it could be real...except it looks like it's Marcus fighting Jeremiah. I know it's not real because Father says he's going to save me. Part of me must really be desperate to get out of here to come up with a rediculous tale like that. I'll just watch for a while. Then we'll break for tea.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you aren't -literally- going to break for tea. Losing your jar wouldn't be good!