Friday, March 13

Report on the Belhaven Attack

Submitted by the Doll Sparky Gloom, refurbished by myself and sent to Belhaven:

I went to Belhaven to help with the injured and dying, as Father had told
me to. When I got there, I was treating the humans, many of them bloody,
sometimes with bits not quite attatched. It looked almost like some of my
attatchments, actually. Mr. Marcus though, he didn't think I should
be helping like that, and since my orders were to go assist Mr. Marcus, I had to
follow what he wanted. Which is how I ended up standing beside him holding
a tray of fruit and cookies. And not even good cookies. Blegh. Not a
single crispy one in the bunch. But while I was wondering how nursing had
somehow mutated into being a glorified fruit salad, and if I should go back
home, something wierd happened.

Ok, well more than wierd. Mr. Marcus gasped, and I looked over at him with a small frown. He had turned a ghostly pale, he looked more like me than any of the humans around us, and he let out a strangled yell as two horns somehow broke through the skin at his temples and two great red wings grew from his back. I was starting to get a little worried.. "Do you require assistance, Mr. Marcus?"

He ignored me and pushed passed me to run up the stairs of the lighthouse
and onto the balcony. I was afraid of what he might do to himself
with the new imbalance on his head, and he was yelling things into the great
open air that didn't make much sense. Something about his destiny, and
fulfillment and things like that. I went to the door leading to the
balcony and watched curiously. I'd never seen anything like this, with the
exception of my Creator's behavior just before blew himself up in working on me,
and you, Father, when [REDACTED].

And it's a good thing I stayed back there. This woman... well.. I think it was a woman... this dark figure that looked like a woman suddenly appeared in this ball of light right behind him. She was like a black shadow, with glowing blue lines.
"Um.. Mr. Marcus?" He didn't hear me, I guess, he'd been pushed too far in his own mind to notice me. The figure seemed to look over its shoulder at me, and then back to him. The glowing blue lights formed some sort of blade looking thing and she raised it above him. Mr. Marcus was filled with his own madness, and begain to scream, " BLOODWING IS DEAD! ALL HAIL...." There was a sort of meaty sound, as the light blade cut through him, and he fell.

As his head started tumbling, the dark shadow lady easily caught it, and I heard it/her say, "Steel Unit Prime to Regent. Subject Terminated. Returning with..." before she disappeared in another ball of light. I looked down from the balcony at the body with a frown. I'd dealt with patients missing limbs before, but really, a head is something that's really very needed.

I sighed and climbed all the way down the stairs and wrapped his neck in some bandages I had left in my apron, and sent messages to Father asking him how to repair a headless patient. I was fairly sure he wouldn't be happy with this.


Rhianon Jameson said...

I'm going to hazard a guess that reattaching a head - well, successfully, in the sense that the patient moves and thinks of his own accord - is beyond even the powers of a Mason?

Darien Mason said...


Rhianon Jameson said...

I stand corrected, sir. Silly me. :)