Thursday, March 12

The Crime Scene

I landed my airship on one of the burnt-out fields of Belhaven. Professor Bade waited from the safety of a tree that mysteriously glistened from an icy coat, even in the warmth of Spring. Although I barely know him, he gave me a sturdy handshake. I could tell that while he had a normally cool demeanor, he was struggling with the concern and sympathy visible in his eyes.

"I contacted you as soon as he was discovered, Doctor. I've kept the peasants away from the lighthouse."

I looked towards the edge of the island where the stone tower lay perched upon a hill, brown earth still bare from fresh construction. Belfire's red wings were visible as she perched on the balcony above. A dark figure peered down next to her. The red ears identified him as my son Koen. As we passed the field of hops, a ball of lighting erupted before us on the gravel path. The sparks subsided to reveal Gematria's shining form. Without a word she followed us as we passed.

At the entrance to the lighthouse three more constructs were recording the scene. Ash stood up from where the pale body on the ground...including broken crimson wings...was outlined in chalk. Small wooden cones were scattered about the ground, marking every stray drop of blood. I heard clicks and whirrs of his optic scanner recording every detail of the grisly scene.

I heard voices from inside the entrance. It sounded like Nova, but then I saw the intricate brass tubes and gears of an arm unit. It was Qli-2. She was taking inventory of the equipment in the lighthouse.

Commander Mason stood to attention as I approached.

"Dr. Mason...Father...this will be difficult to explain..."

"Tell me. And tell me quickly. I have patients waiting."

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