Monday, March 9

The Babbage Anti-Magic Attack

I was summoned to Babbage after being told there were prisoners that the populace wanted to "hand over" to me.

Let me reiterate that I am not a torturer, nor am I a vivisectionist. I am a doctor. I will never perform an unnecessary procedure on a living being. The only caveat is that we Reanimators have our own methods of resolving internal disputes.

I did however examine Mr. Tenk, and determined that he had the faculties to refuse treatment. For anyone of Fae or Spirit origin suffering from advanced cold-iron poisoning, I recommend wearing a bracelet forged of mithril to relieve the symptoms. This metal has an affinity to members of such species and is known to promote health.

My constructs Gematria and Ash were both built using a combination of magic and technology. For their own safety I have ordered them to not to enter Babbage until this is resolved. I myself felt slightly ill after being exposed to the weapon (perhaps from the drop of demon blood left in my ancestry) and found myself unable to harness energies through force of will as of this writing (the radiation has temporarily dampened my mystic skills).

Qlippothic-2 does not utilize magic, she may be of service if she can be found. (Her Mythos artifact uses neither Magic nor Science, but methods that should not be discussed among mortals.) Koen may also be of use, since he is no longer innately magical. He has also expressed an eagerness to hunt the dinosaur reported to be on the prowl in New Babbage since he has experience with this sort of predator. (My remaining Doll, Sparky, has been sent on a disaster relief mission to Belhaven as gesture of goodwill to my brother.)

I did examine the unexploded ordnance, then fell back to a safe distance. Whoever built these devices has taken secrets held by Inquisitors and Hunters for centuries and taken them to the fringe of modern technology. Ironically, I can conceive of a reactionary in Babbage designing such a device. Were it detonated in Caledon or Steelhead, or heaven forbid a realm of High Magic, the results would be disastrous.

While the Consulate did take a decisive role in the emergency last night, I have serious concerns about the lack of crowd control around the bomb. I'm even more dismayed that the Pirate Commodore was allowed to retrieve the weapon and leave custody with his shipmates. But then again, perhaps the Clockwinder knows more about the credibility of the pirate's threats of reprisal.

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