Monday, October 20

Journey to Fusang - Surgeon's Log

[Journal Entry written onboard Captain GlitterRoch's vessel]

It was a pleasure to see Captain GlitterRoch again. Time has faded the green tint of his curly locks to a more unassuming gray. Sideman looks as fit as ever, and still prefers to dress in burgundy.

Speaking of henchmen, my apprentice Oahu is curled up at my feet, sleeping soundly. He and Dogg had some interesting discussions. Between the two of them I'm certain this ship will be rodent-free by the time we reach Fusang. I stocked up on harvest cakes (double-yolk) at a bakery in Chinatown before we left, as well as a a bushel of green apples, root vegetables and various citrus. If there's one thing I learned on long trips like these, a lack of good nutrition will impair one's judgment in times of crisis.

I also visited an "antique" dealer in Chinatown as well, and purchased some choice items that may prove useful against the Dark Ocean.

Koen and Purdie will join with us later. For now it's best that my Firstborn and I keep some distance. While Ash is preoccupied with a xeno hunt in Steeltopia, that leaves Lumina in charge of Foundation affairs. What's left of them, anyway.

I picked up a copy of this month's Paradigma before I departed and read of Doctor Obolensky's new "synister ray" which reverses the moral compass of its victims. In fact he tested it on himself and turned into a philanthropist for a short period of time! That explains why he was wearing white at the Babbage Masquerade. I won a prize for my "costume", but after the tribulations in Babbage before (not just the Hand zombie epidemic...) I thought it best to recover the armor of the B_____W____ Knight. I shudder to think of what might have happened if I was struck by such a public...without mystic protection! Dancing in it was good practice before using it in future missions.

Fuzz collapsed earlier, claiming he was struck by a vision of Hotspur in distress. I wear an amulet to protect myself from such things, but I do know Hotspur is a jack of all trades. He may well have dabbled in the mystic arts.

I am keeping Gematria's chip close to my person at all times. Even in her...broken state I cannot let her fall into the wrong hands! Aleister sent me a polite letter asking for it back. Oh, I'm sure he would "fix" her, but my Firstbuilt was never meant to be a vampiric doll!

After we rescue Hotspur, Oahu and I will continue onwards to retrieve the Malkuth Sphere. I hope Koen can put his anger aside by then and join us.


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