Tuesday, October 21

Enter the Gamesmaster

A new villain, or a new guise of an old one, planted a bomb in the Steeltopian embassy in Steelhead. I was the first to arrive at the scene. Like most twisted masterminds, he lorded his megalomania over us by throwing a clue at us:

From the beginning of eternity
To the end of time and space
To the beginning of every end
And the end of every place.
What am I?

In a heartbeat I knew the answer. But the devil was in the details. The exact phrasing could mean the difference between life and death. The answer was the letter "E", but the phrasing, the pitch, the tone...

Soon the room was filled with people shouting at the bomb, trying to match the syntax to defuse it.

Finally it was the new Gargoyle in town, Shalindo Glineux, who simply blurted out "Letter E" and defused it. Emperor SteelCobra acknowledged the stubbornness of the Baron and myself and offered us both rewards as well.

I should have known better than to taunt this Gamesmaster psychopath, for soon another incendiary device went off in the embassy, and I ran straight for the front door and escaped into the fresh Steelhead air.

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Steadman said...

Well done Dr Mason! It would have taken me a lot longer than a heartbeat to solve the riddle. *smiles*