Monday, October 27

Scary Music Week at Novem

Tonight at 8 - DJ Magdalena Kamenev plays Gothic

Wednesday at 7 - DJ Dybbuk plays Glam Rock

Thursday at 7 - DJ Kiralette Kelley plays Gothic

Friday at 7 - DJ Nova Sakigake plays Industrial


Nova Sakigake said...

Hey! Its unfair to say I play "Industrial"

I actually play a melange of music ranging from Oldschool Goth, Darkwave, Dark Electro, Symphonic Metal, IDM, Aggrotech, Mittel-Alter and whatever tunes catch my interest.

I refuse to be pigeonholed as playing any one predominant genre. :P

Darien Mason said...

My apologies, Miss Sakigake! Would "Dystopian Mix" be better?

*wanders over to Wikipedia to look up those last three terms*