Friday, October 17

I shall not lose her again

I hold in my hands Qlippothic...Gematria's soul-chip. When I built it, it was the the greatest accomplishment of my life, the effort made twice the challenge due to the Founder's possession of my body. Only my Spark could overtake him. Designing and building her meant a taste of my own freedom.

The chip is inert. Broken. No magic or science at my disposal can reanimate her spirit. To do that, I must find the Spheres I built her with. Even when she used coal or a turnkey to power her body, the Sephiroth - the Spheres - powered her spirit, even after the Spheres were scattered and lost in the Void between Space and Time

Drawing energy from the universe into a solid manifestation of an esoteric truth was the hardest part. Compared to that magical process, the physical creation was effortless.

Even if the Founder were here to power the distillation of the Spheres again, it would be for naught. The Spheres are unique. I have to find all ten of them, scattered as they are through the infinite. That is why I built a Time Cabinet into the traveling cart. My Galvanic Tesseractor technology may be disabled, but Gallifreyan technology will still work for me.

The first Sphere I must find is Malkuth - the Earth Sphere. It is tied to this plane, and surely phased back into this world after the accident. Each Sphere will lead me to the next. If others do not find them first and harness their powers for diabolical purposes!

I will bring you back, my First Daughter, or I will die trying.

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