Monday, May 12

A Warning from the Abyss

Do you dare to think you can destroy me, Darien? I am eternal. Even the Deva cannot follow me to the realms of Dream where I am summoned. I am no longer the pale faced clown diluted by your mortal shell. I have no need for a legacy in the Age of Steam, in Steelhead nor any other land. I need not a sanctuary with the Brood in the Dark Future. I am in all of these places as I speak, where my name is whispered in fear, in adoration, and even disgust.

Finish your quest, Darien. Slay the one who crafted you in his image. But his soul is mine. As is yours. Do not think you can hide from me behind your faith. You were claimed before you were conceived, as are all my kin. If you stare full into the blinding light of your Spark or the deepest Shadow of your Magick, you will find me laughing back at you. Keep fighting your Madness and your Corruption, but you know you shall lose. Only the Vampire has escaped my grasp thus far. But not even the Undead can evade Final Death forever.

My daughters shall be as Princesses in Erebus. The Vortex awaits glory in his Mother's realm. Tumim may grow from my bones as Qlippothic grew from Azazel's, and find his Destiny. Jerimiah shall be punished for mocking my Grand Designs.

But you, shall wear the fool's cap!

When you return to Caledon, Darien...take down my banner. You are not worthy to fly it. Rename your Foundation. You are not worthy to carry my name.

My legacy passes to my Children. Let them fight for my Gifts. Only one shall triumph.

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