Friday, May 9

The Brass Rat

I've turned on the recording device in my mechanical arm to subvocalize while I'm making my way to the engine room. There is some strange radiation causing vertigo and disorientation. It is certainly adding to Jeremiah's madness. We must stop this infernal city in space before we all succumb to it.

The air here is warm, almost stagnant...except for the sandstorm. I was blacted from every direction. I did find a corner to hide in but it did rip the false skin off the arm. It nearly ripped my mustache off. I can only presume there is a perfectly hidden ventilation system that spread the force storm through all levels of the ship.

One huge complication: I am now leaving footprints in the light layer of sand on the floor. I must hurry.

There. That must be it. Multiple combination locks of immense size. It looks like it's meant to be opened by a Legacy Guardian Unit.

Do I blast my way through? Smash the engine so we float away in the aether as the atmosphere rips away? What if I destroy the soul that was my son in the process? Or wait for the Steel Units to finish me off as I blother? G_d help me! I'm losing my MIND!!

*heard from behind*

...Fear the sky...

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