Thursday, May 8

Touring the Facilities

I sruveyed the enhancements to the Sanitorium in Caledon Tamranoch last night. The new manager, Dr. Jenkins, appears to be an earnest fellow from my correspondence. I cannot help but wonder what happened to Dr. Fourzy and the Guardian Daemon of the site, Icterus Dagger. Mr. Dagger was a most interesting Spark. A lighthouse that cast darkness and a boat with turbine engines (Qli-1 told me it very nearly went airborne) were among his repetoire of intriguing devices.

The front yard is pleasant enough. The luxurious bed on the main level so close to the front door did confuse me. Perhaps it was a display, in which case it did not match the more spartan setup I found upstairs.

There were about a dozen single beds, adequate for a minor outbreak in Caledon. More beds will be needed if there is ever a pandemic like the dreaded One-Point-Nine disease that paralyzed the Mainlanders in compromising positions years ago. There was also an examination table and a padded room with restraints for patients that may pose a danger to themselves or others.

Afterwards, I paid a visit to Babbage Pallisades. Sadly I had missed the Grand Opening, but Mr. and Mrs. Dagger were eager to discuss business with me. While we had never much interaction before Mr. Dagger was aware of my reputation as a Doctor as well as a Host. Mrs. Dagger realized a Master of Ceremonies was required from the joyous chaos of the Grand Opening and inquired as to he conventions of such a position. She was amenable to my standard rates, and promised to conact me after consulting with her sister who is the other half of the management, besides herself.

The facilities reminded me of the old Jardin, but with a more muted palate of dark greens. The grand staircase was elegant, but difficult to manage. Some poor absynthe-muddled fellow could easily snap his neck falling down. I would suggest installing a steam-powered lift.

And, there was the discussion of medical services. I reiterated that I have treated all manner of ailments that arise form such an establishment as hers. I do believe I can retool one of my prosthetics for the calming of nerves. And let us not forget the Hypnotic Inducer...


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