Tuesday, May 27

The Dilemna

My patient had a relapse last night. She at least was aware enough to call me for help. All of the symptoms returned, and left just as quickly with treatment.

Her strain of undeath seems to be resistant to my reanimation serum. In fact I nearly succumbed to it! I fear it more than likely she will return to contagious state tonight and attack more innocent people.

My heart is heavy. My oath as a Doctor and my duty as a Defender against the Darkness are in conflict. If the Foundation still stood I could at least place her in suspended animation until I could improve my reanimation formula. But as dangerous as she is (to say nothing of the pack she runs with), she is still a child.

G_d forgive me for what I must do.


Frau Lowey said...

Restrain her until we can get there. In the meantime, what is the sodium content of the formula?

Darien Mason said...

The girl has displayed telekinetic abilities, namely levitation. A circle of salt will not be enough to hold her at bay.

As for injection of a saline solution into her system, that will not suffice.

I am in communications with Dr. Fourway. He is already in the process of building a maximum-security cell in the Sanitorium. That may be enough to keep her from floating away.

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

Frau Lowey reminds me we have freezer space enough to both retain her and slow down all non-metaphysical functions until a less hasty plan could be formed.