Thursday, May 29

Launch the Borkotron!

The tale of the Bloodwing Dynasty is drawing to a close. The Founder's fate is sealed. My poor children are...

I am sorry. I cannot tell you yet.

The Foundation was built in defiance of the Founder, to find a cure for his curse on my family line, and to rid this world of his corruption forever.

The price was so very high...but I...we...have succeeded on both fronts.

I hereby declare both chapters, the ancient House Bloodwing and the modern Bloodwing Foundation, officially disbanded.

Our age still needs a place for adventurous souls to rally. Both the Foundation and the Risen Demons fulfilled this role, but both are gone.

I will contribute what I can to what follows, but I cannot be the center. I will lead by example, not by birthright.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Constructs, may I have the honor of introducing you to the High Tea & High Adventure Society.

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