Monday, May 26

I was summoned to the South Channel Asylum to death with an unfortunate case of zombification. I was told of a small girl, but when I got there were three such creatures. They do tend to travel in packs.

My initial attempts at galvanic enervation did not produce,immediate results. After they soiled my labcoat I soon heard the ominous drone of "BRAIIIIINS".

Luckily there was a kitchen nearby where I was able to find them an alternative source of protein. What group of children, undead or alive, can resist a tall glass of milk? (Especially when laced with reanimation fluid?) The girl soon took on a healthy living complexion. The two boys wandered off to play, but I suspect they turned human by the time the sun rose.

Having been splashed with biohazardous waste, I immediately slipped to Port Babbage where Mrs. Merryman happily provided some extra-strong lye soap from her factory. It is a wonder of modern engineering, and definitely worth seeing.

Is it no surprise that Mr. And Mrs. Merryman, being so skilled, would try their hand at robot creation?

Hmmm. It says MADE IN CANADA.

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