Sunday, March 16

The New Kids on the Block (no, not the band)

Well, I took a short hop to Whippersnapper. You know, that new sim just northwest of Harborside that's blocking our plans for Manifest Destiny? Now I know why it's called what it is.

Club Vortex has moved there. No, it's not owned by my neko son. It's the first and biggest club for child avatars.

Now I have nothing against that club. My former daughter Artificial Robotic Intelligence (A.R.I.), aka Arianna Pinkerton, DJ's there regularly. And I have nothing against child avatars. I host regularly at Club Tera, an all-sizes club. It's one of the best gigs I've ever had (next to hosting here in Steelhead of course!)

But now I know with all those kids next door raising a ruckus all night I'm never going to get any sleep!

~Dr. Mason

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Frau Lowey said...

And I suppose the Friday night dances in Steelhead are not going to disturb the neighbors, hm?

Let's see what music I can... "suggest"... to the Sheriff.

Heh. Heh. Heh.