Wednesday, March 12


A few days ago the patient sank into a deep depression when he learned he had been exiled. I had him return to the Hospital immediately and put under constant watch.

That night we had a visitor. The nurse said the air turned cold and the windows frosted over. A towering figure in a black cloak appeared, frightening the nurse to the point of paralysis. It said something as it loomed over the patient. Judging from the dread the nurse held of the way the syllables were spoken I must assume it was a dialect of the Demonic. Some sort of dark magic mystic skills confirmed that much. As the figure vanished the nurse was finally able to scream.

The patient sank into a coma overnight, and awoke the next day with no memories of being Bloodwing.

Ash's face has healed superbly. He bears a startling resemblance to myself when I had first joined the Capper Brigade, and he is just as brash as I was then. This may be due to the comparative youthfullness of the tisssues I transplanted into him.

He is restless, readin everything in sight, especially the Heterodyne novels. He's definitely in the adventuring mood.

I've given him some of my inventions to keep him occupied. But no rayguns and certainly no Tesseractors! I did give him a pair of Heat Conduction Gloves and a vial of Instant Plant Growth formula to play with (an experiment on my Instant Hair Growth Elixir but the results are a bit...explosive.)

The crate is stored in the Gygax engine room for jettisoning as we reach deep space. I swore I felt something move inside as I carried it...

QliSteel Gears arrived at the Foundation and shut down the RetCon device as promised. She also provided the coordinates to where Koen materialized in the Void. But she seemed to be profoundly shaken by what she saw when manipulating the Fate Lines. It is a credit to her that she did not try to alter History, otherwise we would not remember this event at all!

I hope to blast off in the Gygax Monday evening. Shipmates, please be ready!

~Dr. Mason

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