Tuesday, March 18

It's not easy being green...

St. Patrick's Day is a blur of green. One party after another, then hosting at Tera...then the Lindens broke their cash register so I couldn't get paid. I woke up with Ash dabbing green paint off my face with a rag of rubbing alcohol and lab pockets full up tins of "I Can't Believe It's Not Soylent Green!" My head feels like it's been clobbered by a shillealegh. (I can barely spell French, let alone Gaelic.) My psiatic nerve is stinging me fierce...a sign I've been doing too much Riverdancing.

And Purim is tomorrow...Manischevitz...*urp!*

At least I got another award for contributing to the Caledon Wiki. I'd pat myself on the back if Ash weren't doing it for me.

Ash? Put down the syringe please... ASH??


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