Thursday, January 10

A visit to Brythony

A new nation has risen on the northern border of Winterfell. It is called Brythony, an artist's colony that is highly enchanted. The magick in the air was palpable as I passed one store after another with paintings of faeries and exotic anthro species. I kept expecting to bump into Lady Darkling singing and dancing her way down the thoroughfare, wings unfurled. Mr. Hassanov reported evidence of giants in the area, but while the domiciles were of impressive size, I found no signs of the Jotun race. I did see a centaur galloping through town just out of calling distance. I did finally get close enough to speak to her as she crawled out of a ravine. She was saying something about penguins before she abruptly cantered away.

It turns out, she was right! What is more odd to see in this world? Penguins in the forest or a centaur?

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