Wednesday, January 2

Lighting a candle for meQal (with Addendum)

meQal has returned from the hospital, evading the worst possible scenarios. He is somewhat numb on one side of his body, but he is recovering sensation and coordination.

P.S. Despite my instict to rhyme it with "equal", his name is pronounced "mee-KAL". As for convincing him to rejoin us in this world, the Sheriff has already made a valiant effort, if memory serves me correctly. I believe his analytic engine is a victim of planned obselescence on the part of the Lindens.


Those of you who remember the old Steelhead will remember my dear friend, meQal Anna, the self-styled "King of the Rednecks", who quickly rose from Town Drunk to Host, DJ, Manager of the Starlight Casino and Co-Proprietor of Beauty & the Beast by Lighthouse Island.

I have heard through my Capper friends that he has had a stroke this morning, and is now in the hospital. He is also being checked for an aneurism. His health has always been an issue, but he has always managed to bounce back through sheer force of will and perhaps a dash of divine Providence, shrugging off the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune with a stubborness of which I can only stare at in awe.

Get well soon, old friend! If you pull yourself out of this, maybe I'll pitch in to get you a new laptop so you can join SL again. (He may disagree on that, but that's a whole other issue that I will be jubilant to argue with him about when he recovers!)


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Frau Lowey said...

Brother reported that last night's chat said he was doing well, and I am glad. I hope to to be able to meet His Majesty sometime in the future.