Tuesday, January 1

Happy New Year Everyone!

The Party that Must Not Be

On the edge of the New Year the stars were right...for Metal and Madness! A few nights ago I was hastily summoned to Winterfell to deal with a rather nasty infestation of the Elder Gods. Hours of maddening electric guitars being played in a dance themed exclusively around the Mythos! Who knew there were so many musicians warped enough to summon Y*g S*th*th, Sh*b N*gg*r*th, and Great Cth*l* Himself in their lyrics! Hosted by a Nova Sakigake from an alternate future (Ha! RP continuity preserved!), the ritual traveled en masse from her home base in the Dark Future of Suffugium to Winterfell, where it grew raucously out of control!

I had no choice but to summon Foundation member Hotspur O'Toole with his HEAVY ARTILLERY!

On New Year's Eve I returned to chat with a local noble, and a fellow Knight of the Red Cross, who verified that the taint had disperesed.

I believe the threat was handled successfully, but who knows when the tentacles of the Danse Macabre will wind their way back to hypnotize the ears of the Sane? Stay Tuned...

Evening Festivities

After changing into an outfit that was less slime-covered I took the ferry south and caught the end of the New Year's Eve Masquerade in Penzance.

I hastily donned a mask from my travels for a quick dance with...Baron Wulfenbach???

Afterwards I headed home to dance to dance til the wee hours in Harborside.

I found a special treat this morning...a radioplay the Apocryphal Adventures of AGATHA HETERODYNE, GIRL GENIUS on the aether!


Happy New Year Everyone!


Frau Lowey said...

Oh, sweet lightning, Doctor! You had to use THAT picture?

Darien Mason said...

If I didn't someone else would have!

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

I knew it would come back to taunt me.