Saturday, January 12

Stirring in Sleep

Red wings slowly open to reveal the pale form shrouded beneath. Crimson eyes open in the silent void. A once proud voice strains to whisper through a famished frame. His voice is distorted and delayed as it crosses Nothingness.

"Seventh Son? Is all truly lost? Must I return? So hard to...
I never told you...when we built her...contingencies I...When she has nothing left to burn...fuel is vengeance! ...not return the same. Beware! Steel..

He opens his palm to see a candle flame dancing...he smiles faintly.

"You never...stopped? Then...I will not fade..."

He slowly wraps his wings around himself again...the faintest flicker setting a glow behind the membranes, still visible as the faintest star in a dark sky of dreams.

1 comment:

Darien Mason said...

*wakes from his slumber, trembling and gasping for air*