Sunday, January 13

A Blizzard of Enjoyment!

Last night I had the opportunity to attend Caledon's Second Annual Snowflake Ball, hosted by the Primbrokes and overflowing from a sturdy yet welcoming structure designed by Steelhead's own Maser Builder, Totallunar Eclipse.

Over 50 avatars managed to defy the lag of a void sim to dance to waltzes and reels, with some more modern fare after the official festivities.

Among my personal highlights of the party, I had the chance do re-introduce my daughter to Caledon high society. She was fascinated by the Earl's clockwork arm. I also had a an in-depth conversation with Augustus, the demon often mentioned by the Wulfenbach delegation. He seems to come from a different culture than the Founder of my House. He had never heard of the Court of Erebus, and I had never heard Bloodwing mention a Council of Demons. I also saw another Jager at the event...previously I had only seen Mr Szondi representing them in Caledon. (I'm not counting a certain shapeshifter who can shrug off the Jagerbrau's effects the next morning!)

~Dr. Mason

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Fuzzball Ortega said...

The Ball was enjoyable, even though I had to leave The Grid in the middle of it.

The Council of Demons. Heard rumors of it. There were rumors of an old council chamber in the mountains north of the borders of the old country.