Monday, January 14

Steamworks and Consulates

While conducting a chronographic survey I stumbled upon a sim called Emit Time, wherein I found a wonderful new club called Steamworks, which caters! The decor is classic Babbage. And the Tesla coils made me extremely envious!

Lady Whoopass staged recordings of heavy metals, which sounded surprisingly like music! Perhaps it was the metal in the air energized by the coils that led to this mass hysteria! Even the rodents seemed to be in a euphoric state! I offered my services to the owner of the establishment. As an accomplished Host I am skilled at managing the behavior of crowds under the influence of extreme stimuli. Note Miss Laval behind me. What sort of altered state would possess someone to wear cogs in their hair!

I thereafter journeyed to Brigadoon, where I managed to catch my breath on a snowy mountain peak with the Europan consulate. I made the acquaintance of several new members of the consulate and Miss Orr...

Hmm. There seems to be more to this phenomenon.

~Dr. Mason

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Diamanda Gustafson said...

Um.. Doctor? I'm glad you had a great time.. I also hope you're OK after your.. erm.. walking stick incident.