Wednesday, December 12

Yeah yeah yeah I've been tagged

Alright already. Eight things about Koen. Let's see..

1. I was named Vortex after one of the Deva's older characters. Apparently he was a horned, angst-ridden teenage mutant that could fly and make force fields. Lucky for me, the horns went to somebody else this time.

2. Remember I was a furry kitty in a tux the first time I confronted Darien/Bloodwing? The whole thing was a costume! I think it's still in the basement somewhere.

2. Like the four-legged kitties, I don't taste sweet things. All I get is that sticky feeling on my tongue. ICK.

3. Except for those ridiculously big feet on the furry costume, I don't wear shoes, ever. For obvious reasons.

4. I had a really good gig at a neko club a while ago, but I gave it up after the owner started talking trash about someone I really care about.

5. I prefer my dinosaur meat rare, but I have to tenderize it with a rock for ten minutes first.

6. I can kick your tail in a game of Greedy Greedy.

7. I was in FurNation once listened to a bunch of furries on Voice. I will NEVER go back there again! *shivers*

8. Despite people working behind the scenes to convince me otherwise, I realize my Mom's not coming back. I just have to move on.



Kira said...

Now see... that's a really good hint to know about the dinosaur meat. I always thought they were just too tough.

Good stuff tho-- but I'm warning you.. you'd better drop me a note or something to let me know you're ok, or I'm going back into Transylvania to find your betailed butt:P

Kiralette Kelley, Catnip Princess ;)

Emilly Orr said...

And I'll follow her. I've been checking off and on, and have *no* idea where you are.

But then, the folk there either know me, or don't attack me.

Which is good, but they don't as a rule, help either.

Drat, I may have to track down that certain silver-haired basta--prince...see if he knows anything.

(Who am I kidding?? Maybe his brother will talk to me...)