Friday, December 14

Of Ducks, Oranges and Egg Nog

If It Bills Like a Duck

I had a busy night last night. Mr. Turing Weyland of the Library Militant telegrammed me, requesting a coordination the Library, HealthInfo Island and the Caledon Red Cross on an exhibit for February. It would be a History of Medical Quackery of the 19th Century. There would be explanation of such discredited studies as phrenology, hydrotherapy, and most certainly the whispered-about hysterical paroxysm generator! Perhaps Regency Hospital could offer these services to raise interest in the exhibit (except for the last one of course).

The Mr. HO HO HO Show

Next, I spoke to Mr. Orange Montagne, the host of the Skype-based talk show, the Mr. O Show and invited him to see the dramatic changes in Steelhead from when Mr. Eclipse took over the management. In keeping with the season, he came dressed as Santa.

While sitting on the train, he went into convulsions. Possibly an effect from too much Egg Nog. Nutmeg does have hallucinogenic properties in megadoses, you know.

I invited him to come to the Around the World in 80 Days-themed event at Kokopelli Square tonight (his favorite book, he tells me!) and the Shirtless Fundraiser tomorrow night. (Men in kilts are apparently not his cup of cheer, however. Perhaps if some of the ladies could dress like the Gorean Christmas Rockettes like at the last Town Hall...)

~Dr. Mason


TotalLunar Eclipse said...

I'm glad he came over to actually see the changes made, how did he like it so far?

Darien Mason said...

He was impressed, and at the same time a tad wistful for the small-town feel of the old Steelhead. I do hope he returns soon so I can show him the new Ballroom!