Thursday, December 27

Koen Comes Home

Kira delivered the coffin containing Koen's body to the Foundation this morning. I treated the wounds she received when my son was consumed by bloodlust. I've cured Vampirism before and I can do it again. But this is not an infant. If something goes wrong here, even his extra neko lives may not be enough to bring him back.

Kira promised me she would speak with Dr. Sputnik to see if finding and recovering the first Qli's soul chip from the chronosphere is even theoretically possible.

And still, no sign of Bloodwing. Just when I could actually use his help, he's torn away by the very disasters I need him to help me repair. The most frustraating part is I can sense he's somewhere still in this world. His new Host probably doesn't even realize he has him yet. It has to be some distant relative...but how many of your cousins seven times removed do you know? He could be anyone...maybe not even male...or even human...his first House Bloodwing was made of nekos as we've been told.

Sleep peacefully, my son. I'm not saying the Kaddish for you yet. To you, this will be over in the blink of an eye. It is the rest of us who must be patient.

~Dr. Mason

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Fuzzball Ortega said...

This may sound crazy.....but, Cousin Purdie seems to mumble alot about all this time travel stuff. Could send him a telegram, he's been traveling alot.

Nice guy, but very eccentric. He's like a distant cousin on mine and Angelica's mother's side.