Friday, December 28

Three Wishes

How do I comfort the mourners?

The Slayer wants her friend brought back. The constructs who welcome my second daughter into their ranks with open arms at the same time pledge to help me rescue the spark of the first. And those who shed tears for the demon...

I have to remember why this happened. The survival of the Foundation demanded it. Koen and Bloodwing were becoming too dangerous. Even if the demon was the one people paid to see. I'll find the money somewhere.

As for Qli...she sacrificed herself so a friend could live. Qli-Nova adores me as a Father...something Nova's Creator never was. If a Time Lord can find the Fire Chief's soul chip, I have enough spare parts to cobble something together for her to start rebuilding herself with, like she always has.

Everyone is offering to help. And I think you. But I must stress again, this all has to be handled slowly...and carefully.

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Emilly Orr said...

All things in time, Doctor.

Your daughter is a survivor in all forms. Will she survive in the form everyone knew? Even had she remained whole, the chances of that are slim, because she *was* growing, she was evolving.

Koen will keep. A cure will be found when the time is right. Until then, you set him in good hands.

And the demon...will find his way. He always does.

All things in time.