Wednesday, December 26

A New Qlippothic and a New Harborside

I had an opportunity meet my daughter's successor last night. Qli 2.0? Qli-Nova? It's up to her find a new name for her amalgamated form. I almost didn't recognize her but for the way she was calmly rebuilding herself, as she always has. Her new frame is definitely...what is the word? Chibi.

She is reverse-engineering her frame with hazy memories of 21st century technology and 19th century supplies. A worthy challenge indeed! She excitedly showed me her new bionic arm and personal defense systems, as well as her new rechargeable power supply. Never mind that city-wide electrical grids haven't been invented yet. Luckily, the generator on my roof (powered by the glowing meteor inside) can provide the electrical energy she needs.

I started giving her a bit of a tour, and was immediately as befuddled as her...not only have two of my neighbors' houses vanished leaving a pastoral scene in the void, I had forgotten that Lumina's store was moving to the pier!

Then I received an invitation from the Sheriff to visit Harborside before continental drift slammed it against our home shores. I surrendered to the giddiness of my youth and climbed the mountain ridge to shout out taunts in the old Capper Brigade tradition!

When I sit down with her next we'll discuss how the skills she inherited from Miss Sakigake can benefit the Foundation and Steelhead.

~Dr. Mason

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