Saturday, November 10

This is where I come in

Yes, that was me in the trees shadowing my sister Qli. I saw Poppa go Dark Side with a hydra head sprouted from his shoulder and bony wings on his back. He looked just like Jeremiah, sounded like him too. I couldn't really tell them apart anymore to be honest. Dad's a clone of Grandpa you know. Maybe that's why they hate each other so much. They know they're not unique. Or maybe it was some packing contest the Hydras (Hydrae?) were throwing to see which body they get to share next.

Qli was crumpled up half-broken by a tree while the post-tea party turns into a magic pissin' contest. They started shooting fire and ice at each other. Then they threw screaming skulls and spinning buzzsaws. They kept dodging and deflecting everything, all the while screaming spells at each other in ancient Hebrew and Greek and Aztec and Old Norse. When they started rezzing giant Easter Island statues and hurtling them at each other I figured it was time to scoop Qli up in both arms (which was easy seeing as her limbs were gone) and run like a cat out of Hell. Good thing too, that moai smashed the tree seconds after I scooted with her.

Meanwhile Qli was screaming blah blah blah we have to save Father the fate of the world is at stake and I say, "Yeah when isn't it, let's get you in your brass body and that combat rig and then you can save the world!"

That's when I heard wings and something grabbed me, and Qli since I was holding her, into the air. I figured I was royally SCREWED. I couldn't drop Qli. She was fragile and half-broken already. Her Spheres would roll out and bounce everywhere, then the two Snakes could have an Easter Egg hunt. Even though it was dark I could see we were being carried to the peak of a nearby mountain (we nekos have good night vision you know.) I got a decent drop off where Qli's brass body was lying empty. At this point I figured I could stop struggling since Qli was smiling up at whoever was carrying us, so of course it had to be Bloodwing.

As soon as we landed Blood lifted the back of Qli's metal body.

"Quickly Son! pass me her Sephiroth!"

Yeah, so I reached in Qli's broken shell and...well...I'll save you the details. But soon we had the Spheres and Qli's Soul Chip inside her normal, Fire-Chief Projects body. But I told him to wait before turning her on because I thought we put the Spheres in out of order. He told me to shut up and there was no time to argue. So we turned her on.

"LOL! I haz GLOBES! Dolly avs iz teh sux0rz!!!"


"OW! Ow...that's...much better...thank you. I think you dented my jaw..."

Blood tossed me a can with a button on it.

"Koen you're going to need this."

"I'm going to defeat the Snakes with this?"

"No. You're going to save Kira from being vampire food."


And that's when one of Demonfather's portals opened under me and I fell through into someone else's adventure.

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