Monday, November 12

Transylvania (part two)

(Continued from What the Mouse Saw)

“Good evening, love, you’re just in time. I’m feeling peckish, and a little catnip before bedtime never hurts.”

From the rooftops, the slitted pupils of yellow eyes narrowed as they saw the young cat struggle. A roar escaped his throat. Red paws stretched their curved claws and lanky limbs tensed to pounce. The black neko leapt over the edge and landed as quietly as a ghost in the alley, blocking the vampire's escape to the dark city. Koen clenches his fists, and the song of metal blades extending from his metal bracers echo between the crumbling bricks.

The vampire tossed Kira aside as crimson eyes glared hatefully at the intruder. Both combatants bared their fangs, and the undead raced towards Koen in a blur.

Koen pressed a button on a black canister he had hidden in his paw. There was a whoosh, and the vampire doubled over on the trash strewn pavement inches from he him, cursing and coughing.

"What's the matter, Drac? Hungry for catnip but can't take a little garlic oil spray?"

Koen stepped on the vampire's head to make sure he didn't bit anyone's ankle as Kira brushed herself off and skirted carefully around her attacker.

Koen bent over. "You got lucky this time, Leech. Go hunt your your old species next time. Far more nutritious for you." The neko rose, and took a deep breath. His whiskers twitched as wrinkled his nose. Not even an industrial dose of garlic could cover the stench of the alley. Of course, he used to live in streets like these. But hunting dinosaurs in lost jungles ruined his appetite for chasing small rodents.

"Let's go, Kira. Train station's this way."

They whispered to each other as the moved quickly through the swirling fog of the winding streets. It was obvious from the aversion several passers-by had to them how many vampires actually roamed these streets.

"Y'see, Kira" he said, "you just can't go around hunting where bigger critters hunt you. And killing that vamp would have attracted too much attention."

Kira rolled her eyes. Grateful as she was she wasn't in the mood to be lectured by another Foundation member.

"And why are you here?"

"Blood sent me. I was actually on my way here eventually but this whole Hydra business just exploded. I'm just here for one vamp in particular."

Koen tugged at his vest, allowing her to see the wooden stake he had stored away beneath.

Another few turns, and past the sound of a body falling lifeless to the ground in another alley, they reached the station. Koen purchased a ticket for Kira and placed it in her hand.

The black neko smirked as he gave her a quick hug and licked her nose.

"We'll always have Kittiwickshire, schweetheart." He winked, and slipped like a shadow into the mists.


Darkling, Lady Speirling said...

/cheers!/ great save!

careful with that garlic oil, though... only soom of the Clans dislike it.

May I trouble yeh for a canister for my cooking?

emillyorr said...

Point, that.

Because not all of u--them, rather--follow the expected rules...