Friday, November 9

son know your enemy / as I know my son

"The spheres are MINE, Darien!", bellowed Jeremiah as he landed just out of striking range of his serpent. Like Darien, he only had one serpent left that perched on the right shoulder. The two parasites hissed at each other while their hosts scowled.

"Oh how close to perfect you are," the elder Mason chuckled, "except that you are not entirely Me. That will change after my symbiont absorbs you, and reclaims the spawn within you!"

Darien's skeletal wings still had me wrapped in a crushing grip. The limbs flung me to the side in a careless arc to where I collided with an ancient tree. I heard something else crack as I collapsed in a heap at the tree's base.

"Be a part of YOU, Father? I beg to differ! It is YOU who shall be absorbed by MY Hydra!"

The elder Mason and his serpent shared the same look of shock than grew to outrage.

"I am the perfect Host! You are but an experiment in my immortality! A fluke to be digested and forgotten after eons!"

"My serpent tells me that I am the next step in the evolution of the Host! You are obselete! Your serpent shall be salvaged and the rest of you left to perish!"

I summoned what calm was left in my broken form as I tilted my body up from a crouch and attempted to sing.

"Eyes betray the soul..."

Both snakes lunged towards me with a deafening screech that reverberated throughout the forest, the vibration felt like it would shatter what was left of me. In the muffled state of near-deafness that followed, I saw them gesture and shout. Torrents flame erupted from Jermiah's hands towards his son, only to be countered by an explosion of ice shards Darien's hands. I could feel a tear well up in my remaining eye as my doom fell into a decision on a duel of dark magics.

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