Wednesday, October 17

"Where Castles Collapse in Tears and Facts are Guarded by Unfinished Thoughts and Half Truth"

This is Bloodwing Dragonash, reporting on my Seventh Son's machine while he is off treating an epidemic in the Congo. The title above is the riddle Jeremiah Mason used to ensorcel my dear step-sister Lumina Elvejhem after the Steelhead Town Meeting. I have until the beginning of the Steelhead Dance on Friday to solve the riddle. Should I fail, I must either surrender my essence to this undead megalomaniac or lose Lumina forver.

I was severely disappointed in the dishonorable way Lunar-san greeted his former Sheriff. Were this not a matter of life and death I would have ripped the dai-sho of his gi and spanked him with the flat of the blade.

More disturbing was the fact that he was ready to capitulate to the Hydra's host and deliver me on a platter. Would he have sold the rest of my kin down the proverbial river? Why not all of Steelhead while he's at it?

I sought clues from the shapeshifter Miss Orr. There are castles in a sim with Tears in the name, but they standing tall and well-guarded.

I beseeched the Chief Librarian for sagely advice. He suggested the Castle may be St. Francis of Assissis. I hovered outside the holy structure, newly reconstructed in this Grid. My demonic nature forbiade me entrance, so barred then would be the Hydra.

Sheriff suggested the second line refers to bureaucratic red tape. An interesting theory. I left an urgent note for Lady Darkling for help in divining an answer . Perhaps Baroness Amber has some mystical insight.

Qli and Koen are both pondering this as well. Koen is convinced the first line refers to sand castles dissolving in the salty tide. He says the riddle seems familiar to him..but not in his current incarnation. The Vortex is Koen as I first knew him from my union with Sekhmet. I only know one way to channel the Vortex . But even if his soul will return as another neko I will NEVER sacrifice one kin to save another!



TotalLunar Eclipse said...

Sutra's are small flimsy pieces of paper that are possessed with a powerful incantation before being attached to certain object, say homes for example. They serve a dual purpose one of them being to purge the home of all demonic form, the other to seal a demon or entity within a chamber in a sleepless eternity sealing them away.

SL aside, I am sorry that you took offense to my dismal greeting for when I was summoned I was about to go run and pray to the porcelain god for the hundreth time that day. Have you ever heard the term, 'sick as a dog'? Well yesterday that was me. I like food, I like eating food, I dislike when my food comes out the wrong way from my digestive track.

Aside from my human's dismal state of mind and body lets get the facts straight, once again does the Bloodwing Foundation disrupt the quiet community of that which is Steelhead. My priority is to that of the people I protect as well as serve and so having not only one of those people but my friend taken right under my nose does irritate this elven blood. I am assured she will not be harmed and it is not Lumina I am worried over but the Mason father himself for that woman has a wrath beyond that of Hades should she be trifled with.

As for dangling the threat of turning you to him, tis a simple matter really, draw him out and then seal him for time and all eternity. I have enough spiritual power and knowlege to send him to the seventh depth of hell of which there is no escape. As for handing Steelhead over to someone of the like... lets just get this straight. I have worked FAR too long far too much and for far too little to have a town that I have completely rebuilt, redone and resurrected from the bowels in which I found it to have someone who takes females for hostages desiring a power he cannot have to take Steelhead from its rightful owner of which is one Kattryn Severine. This chaos was started by you and the family in which you possessed,I give you until the dance to restore order lest you have me and even worse... Tensai deal with the situation.

As for spanking me with my own sword? Well... you do such and I swear to you shall see the far side of the moon.


Darien Mason said...


As Dr. Mason suffers from allergies to common foods and ingredients of which restauranteurs at times neglect to mention or misinform, I have experienced the bad tempers of one overcome by nausea. You are forgiven.

As for banishing the Hydra and Jeremiah, would that it were so easy. The heads of the Hydra that adorn the Sixth Son are but two..they are connected by astral cords all the way back to BELOW the plane you mentioned, where the Olympians entombed the Titans when the Universe was in its infancy. The Sheriff has slain two heads with the Song, as has Qli. But that is as deadly to the Body of the Hydra as plucking a few hairs off your long elven tresses.

As for Jeremiah himself, he is a Reanimator, or Ressurectionist as they say in Europa. He has by instinct created contingincies to wounding or destruction of one body. Who knows how many clones he has secreted away (or Darien for that matter..)

As for seeing the Dark Side of the Moon, the inhabitants there have a spectacular light show, but it does make one's eyes smart after a while..and to hear the same songs over and over..*shudders*


P.S. Dr. Mason sends his regards from the Congo. He says in his telegram he found an antidote for maneating butterfly venom in the spray glands of velocipolecats or somesuch. The inside of that envelope stank like horribly!

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

I wish I could have been of more assistance during this time of crisis, but I was called away - and have not enough familiarity with your world here to compose accurate syntheses. Now that time appointed time has come and gone, I can only wait for, hopefully, good news from Steelhead.