Monday, October 15


Radio Riel hosted a an event last night where the one with the best collection of costumes wins. I arrived in my brown tweed suit, derby and cane, but soon I was face-dancing faster than you can say "seven-skin shapeshifter".

My Combat Medic uniform in preparation for the Great War to come.

Then I took the guise of one of my robotic servants.

Here I am channeling a Skeletal Witch Doctor with sexy boots and a colonial hat. No, wait..that's Miss Laval dancing behind me partially invisible in boots and a hat.

My Gangster (not Gangsta) attire.

"My's full of prims!"

"Show me! Show you! Kikkoman! Tastes great on gaijinburgers!"

Yes, I know who it looks like. No, it's just me.

Anubis and Isis

"THIS! IS! CARNTAIGH!!" I was wearing this when I was told I won the event. I thanked everyone profusely, except for the Persian Ninjas cowering in the corner.

Finally I donned the garb of a brave hero looking for a dragon to slay. Damned if I could find one. The DJ doesn't count.

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Eladrienne Laval said...

Those were fantastic costumes! Congrats upon your win last night!