Sunday, October 14

Rezdays & Revenants

Dear Reader,

Let be bring you up to speed on my latest goings on. I was able to catch the tail end of Miss Violet Schnabel's Rezday party, where I witnessed the oddest interaction with a huge gelatinous organism. The self-styled Villain, Jobias Barthelmess, expressed to me his disdain, but I chose simply to stay clear of the alien. Jobias dared to invoke my Father's name to me! I say he tempts fate enough hunting Lycans, best he holds his tongue before the Hydra's maws pin him down on Jeremiah's operating table!

Speaking of ghosts of the past, during this time when the veil between the worlds is thinnnest is when the souls who have departed yet not passed on walk through my walls, begging for me to give them life again. I keep telling them..No Brain, No Body, No Service! I even called in the Sheriff to try and shoo them away in his Crinos form. But no..they were too busy stealing each other's ectoplasmic heads and chasing each other around my foyer!

My spirits were uplifted (pardon the pun) when I attended the Rezday party of the Sir Edward Pearse, the Earl of Primbroke. Has it really been an entire year since Qlippothic coaxed him from outside the Grid to visit Caledon for the first time?

Even Death took a Holiday to ogle the Raving Duchesses! Or maybe he was there for the kilts at Shirtless O'Clock..Death's gender has always been open to speculation.

Colonel Hotspur shows off the flexibility of his custom made pressure suit.

Afterwards I was tempted to follow Duchess Gabrielle to Winterfell for a Masquerade, but instead I gave new Steelhead resident Eladrienne Laval the grand tour of Steelhead. I introduced her to our "Baroness" Miss Katt and made myself sound much older than I am by beginning every stop with "this is where that used to be.." We chatted with my neighbor, Lumina Elvejhem, who was busy moving her storefront out of her home and into the storefront across the street. For simple yet elegant furniture and exotic silks and jewelry, you simply MUST pay her a visit!

Just before I retired for the night, Qlippothic sat me down and told me something that brought me both joy and guarded concern. When Qli attends the Science Fiction Dance in Steelhead next week, we will see what comes to pass.

~Dr. Mason

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