Thursday, October 18

Too Much of a Good Thing - Club Overdose, and What Horrors Revealed?

Would I make a name like *that* up? It seems some remnants of Club Mechanoid found an alley in a very questionable part of the Grid to form a new club. Just as I think the Deva is ready to put me out to pasture, I get pulled in with this Jeremiah business, then I get offered a job hosting in this patch of squalor any night I please. The decor makes Sleazywood look like the Grande Ballroom. The roaches are so big they have their own sploder. But they *do* know how to have fun! I would encourage my Caledonian friends to come in disguise up lest you risk your reputations.

I should be hosting around 7-9 except on nights with Steelhead meetings and events, in deference to my neighbors.

Maybe I *can* make this Hell a Heaven..


P.S. The name of the GROUP was Methadone Clinic but the CLUB is called Overdose. An understandable error now corrected.

Also, just before Darien left and Jeremiah appeared, our Dr. Mason left suddenly in the middle of an experiment. He even left a Bunsen burner on. He NEVER does that. Nor does her ever FLEE. But that is what it looks like.

There's a microscope and slides, and some sort of rusted metal and glass container the size of a packing crate marked with "EXPERIMENT D - CONTROL", and an ivory tobacco pipe on his desk..his father's I remember..a distinctive design..and Darien doesn't smoke. I can't make out his notes..except for the results.. "IDENTICAL" in large panicked letters that wrote over the entire page! What in the Nine Hells could it mean?

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