Saturday, September 8

Bloodwing Foundation @ Club Mechanoid

I actually need to thank Koen for finding the club. He was looking at neko stores and wandered off to find the place just before it opened. Miss nebel hired Koen, Bloodwing and myself as hosts and dancers! (Dr. Mason declined...he said he prefers to stay in his own century and keep his mail free of the deluge of messages.) The decor is inspired by H. R. Giger's art..dark and industrial, just like the music. Perfect!

I think I'm enjoying it the most..I haven't had this much fun dancing since Toxia! They hired Midnight as well, and we have a very entertaining routine going..brass and chrome electroplating *smile*.

My Replicator form is perfect for this venue. The Lava Demon would fit in as well. Emilly, Kiralette and Darkling gave the place an enthusiastic thumbs-up, and I hope you will too. Come see us some evening!


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