Monday, September 10

Medical Advances

I took the initiative and invited Aurelius Draken to join the Caledon Red Cross. He is the creator if the fantastic medical equipment I had mentioned earlier. We struck a simple bargain, he supplies us with equipment, and we allow him a kiosk in the lobby.

And while not quite a medical device, but certainly a device for preventative care, Miss Laura Flintlock demonstrated her new design for an old concept, the chastity belt. Note my avoidance of the multibarrel array.

Miss Flintlock has a knack for redesigning household items in ways that they could double as military ordnance. The Chimney Sweep and Pie Democratizer are prime examples. And let us not forget the horseless carriage that uses soup as a fuel source. (Plans for a Chicken Soup Ambulance are still on the drawing board.) She would be a fascinating subject for psychological analysis, if not for the risk involved.

And then I encountered a zombie is Victoria City. I offered to reanimate him, but he refused treatment. He said his ghoulfriend wouldn't approve.

Yes, I had the same reaction.

~Dr. Mason

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emillyorr said...

Miss a very...odd...person.