Monday, September 3

Apology Accepted?

Immediately after I received my pink slip, Baroness Amber approached me and invited me to host events at her Ballroom. I was given nearly carte blanche..any time except the Wiccan Sabbats, any theme as long as it's PG-13 (none of those scandalous Raves!) My fellow Doctor of the Caledon Red Cross, Mitsu Figaro, has volunteered to DJ on September the 12th for my Rez Day Celebration. (Maybe I'll finally get a Duchess sandwich?)

Much to my surprise, Miss Katt asked Qli to host the Wizard of Oz event on September the 14th, and she enthusiastically accepted. I was also asked to host a Fast Food themed event on September the 21st, but since I will be celebrating Yom Kippur (fasting!) that night I respectfully declined.

~Dr. Mason

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