Tuesday, July 24

window-shopping therapy

A new associate pointed me towards Caliber's store in Eyre. My jaw dropped at the exquisite details of the medical paraphernalia. I want them all. I must have them. It will just be a matter of pacing and priority..


Alias said...

I see you found the luxuries of Caliber House, Dr Mason. *grins* I've got most of the apothocary items for myself and a few extra things as well. We'll be well stocked when we do get Regency opened and set up.

And with things the way they are now? We'll need it as soon as we can! The stillness that settles around that strange man is unnerving, and a prelude to something i hope we'll be able to contain with our alliance across the nations. I'm more confident about the Martians than i am about him. He's a totally unknown factor. I despise those!

Dr Mitsu Figaro

Amber_Palowakski said...

I myself have looked to Caliber's for medical supplies!