Tuesday, July 24

chasing the ghosts of time

I barely had time to adjust to the emptiness inside when alarms sounded across the aether. The Martians were spotted in Caledon again. There was some panic fire, a necromantic spell that refused to obey its creator..and Mr. Barthelmess watching us like hawks. He was pleasant enough to converse with..perhaps because he knew I was "only" a human and not a supernatural. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, if you can't be good at least be polite.

To be honest? It was a fiasco. While this may have been a sighting, this was certainly not an invasion. Most likely they were testing out defenses. With the militias gone, I fear we are vulnerable again, and not just to the Martians.

Dr. Figaro and I couldn't agree on where to set up a field hospital since the militia tents were gone. Luckily there were no injuries except for a fall from a case of extreme drunkenness. The sooner we build Regency Hospital the better!


Fuzzball Ortega said...

Martians AND Jobias?!?! And me stuck in Steelhead because the airships were down.

Amber_Palowakski said...

I am actually almost more concerened about Jobias Barthelmess' presence than the Martians. At least with the Martians, we are able to react outright with belligerence, because they initiated a bloodbath against us the last time. Mr. Barthelmess is a different story altogether. Until he does somethging overtly evil, we can't do anything to him. For now, I have been following the time-honoured philosophy, "Keep your friends close, your enemies closer."