Tuesday, July 24

we don't cry for gods that die by our hands

Yes, I feel an emptiness. But in emptiness there is hope. Like an alcoholic looking at a bottle and feeling no urge to reach for it, that..addiction..is gone. I am mortal now, and I have only one lifetime to atone for millenia of misdeeds and a path of broken hearts leading all the way back to Hell.

Now I am free to pursue my call to duty..to the Hospital. Do I even bear the name anymore? Do I fold the symbol of the Wings and Raise the Red Cross on the Foundation instead?

Is the demon truly gone? The face at least, which is irreplacable..but that was not his first guise. And already it seems,
he has a successor..

~Dr. Mason


Qlippothic Projects said...

*stops headspinning* Does this mean..I have a Mother now?

Amber_Palowakski said...

So can I go back to just calling you Dr. Mason again, instead of Dr. Mason-Bloodwing?