Monday, July 23

The End of the Demon

The Mademoiselle would not give up. She insisted on summoning Bloodwing. Even after the demon surrendered his immortality and fused with his human incarnation. It felt like I was being crushed and sifted against the jagged boundaries of reality itself as the ghostly essence erupted from my body.

No. Not again, I thought. I looked up and could see Bloodwing felt the same way. There was no ecstasy of freedom in his grin, no rage in his clenched fists. His astral self was hairless and hornless, crimson eyes were sullen with the ennui of immortality. Finally he had found a worthy end, and now the one loose thread was pulling it all apart.

Bloodwing looked down at me, a faint glimmer of crimson still left in his eyes. He pressed his pallid hands against my chest as he extricated himself from me.

"You stay here, Seventh Child. You've suffered enough. She wants the demon, she'll get the demon! Tell Emilly I.."

I was thrown clear. Even as I hit the marble floor I could feel the cold emptiness inside. He had completely severed his essence from mine. Even in the week that we both walked the Earth when he possessed my clone I still felt his presence inside me. No longer.

The memories of what he was began to fade. I pitied the woman who unwittingly became the successor of the Curse..who would wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and smirk, "Je suis Bloodwing!"

I sat there for an hour, trying to make sense of what happened. Then my aether transmitter rattled out a telegram..badly translated..but the essense was clear.

[11:53] latourangelle Sperber: dsl IN did not include/understand your offers and Jhad to refuse those ci

Refuse? She ripped the Demon from my very soul and she aborted the spell? Then where..

I took a deep breath..and looked deep into my soul..

BLOODWING--> All Items--> No matching items found in inventory.

That face..was gone. The demoness who bestowed it to him had been struck down by the Lindens themselves..most likely for staging profane rituals on other people's lands. He recovered her bones and wrapped them in clay to make our daughter Qlippothic. Only once did he ever see another with the same Kabuki Dragon mask pattern for a skin.

She wanted him. But now..she destroyed him.

Despite all his manipulations..all the pain he caused me and others..even endangering our deva himself..he deserved a more fitting ending. He will surely be missed.

~Dr. Mason


Amber_Palowakski said...

Wait! What? What just happened here? *is not sure she likes this*

emillyorr said...

*carries in a candle*

*flicks it alight with a thought*

*turns and walks away, tail low*