Saturday, July 21

Hairy Eyeball and the Chamberpot of Secrets

Yes, it was that kind of night. The Sheriff was dour at first, from the Jobias sighting and from the lack of attendance. I assured him that partygoers were travelling from event to event. The candles were floating, as were the skulls and Christine's Hairy Eyeball of Death. (Which I am corrected is a male floating eyeball. Note the lack of conditioner.)

Near the end we did descended from Potter into Potty humor. I'm going to have to speak to the management about this. If we have bobbing swirlie-skulls at Qlippothic's Rezday party on Friday she will not be amused.

And in fact we had a decent gathering. Miss Alexandra won the prize for Best Witch and Emilly's partner Wallen *cough* Allen won Best Wizard, with gracious thanks from Tensai Designs.

~Dr. Bloodwing

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emillyorr said...

Miss Alexandra Rucker, I do believe, was the Witch you meant, and...Allen begins with a W?

*ducks, cackling, and scampers off*