Friday, July 20

A Wonderful Fund-Raver! (Now with piccie goodness!)

My initially clumsy attempts to get backing for Caledon Regency Hospital have paid off! Duchess Gabrielle was in a giddy mood and looking for an excuse to throw a rave. Serendipity! Lady Christine's cake was scrumptuous..I think little Jess ate half of it herself! Even a minor fairy infestation, the pair of dueling DALEKs that appear whenever someone plays that song, and an ominous cameo by the relentless Jobias Barthelmess failed to put a damper on our evening!

During the dance I did sense that a dear friend was close to death. When no one was looking I cast an illusion of myself in a dancing loop and left the Foundation to teleport to her side and deliver vital first aid. Saying she needed no further assistance, I folded space back to the event, grabbed myself a slice of cake, and no one was the wiser.

My deepest thanks to the Duchess Riel, Miss Chapman, Lady Christine, little Jess, and EVERYONE who made this event spectacular! I only hope the Harry Potter Ball I'm hosting tonight in Steelhead's Kokopelli Square will be just as..magical!

~Dr. Bloodwing

P.S. *slaps his hor..I mean forehead* By the Styx! I could have had a Duchess Sandwich!! *grumbles*


Amber_Palowakski said...

Colonel O'Toole and I already posted some piccies on our respective blogs. Sadly, I forgot to take one of the battling Daleks. I hope you have some, though in your forthcoming piccies!

Hotspur O'Toole said...

P.S. *slaps his hor..I mean forehead* By the Styx! I could have had a Duchess Sandwich!! *grumbles*

Don't you need two Duchesses for that? Or do you prefer your sandwiches open faced?

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Dr. Mason-
Silly man....both of us were there...all you needed to have done was to ask.

We'll owe you one.