Saturday, July 14

We Danced in Victory

I hosted the Military Ball last night in Steelhead. I tool my old Dominion outfit out of mothballs just for the occasion. I hadn't worn it in a decade..when the Capper Brigade was still only a secret platoon of Captioneers.

I still carried my medic harness, my "epidemic outfit" as Tensai called it. I still carried the reanimation serum with me even while directing Caledon's victory over the extraterrestrials. I am still holding my breath for the next wave of orbs.

The Foundation sponsored the event as I couldn't find anyone else. I think I broke even..hopefully the advertisement I placed will bring more patients.

I am honored to announce that Dr. Figaro and I have arranged a partnership between the Bloodwing Foundation and the Red Cross of Caledon. I am now Co-owner of the RCC, and Dr. Figaro is now has full access to the Foundation. Now the Foundation can offer its pioneering medical research to the masses through the Red Cross in times of crisis!

Afterwards I welcomed Steelhead's Managers back to town. Mrs. Hilra seems to have fully recovered from her simian transformation except for a banana craving.

I held an open house to show off the expanded gallery space and Lumina's renovation of my private quarters. I displayed my new robotic servant WILSON (Wheeled Intelligent Light Service Operations aNdroid), recently shipped from Avaria and assembled. He is much better at complicated and delicate tasks like cleaning and cooking than IGOR, who I first designed for building, grave excavation and security. WILSON is more intelligent, and certainly less intimidating.

I received a gift from the artist Mr. Ellisdee for displaying his works..a book encapsulating all of his works thus far in Second Life. He called it his own "qlippothic project".

I checked up on my Qlippothic afterwards. She hadn't rebuilt her legs yet. She was despondent. She told me Qlippothic Steele had come to visit her. But she would not tell me what said. She is now more distraught than ever.

~Dr. Bloodwing

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Amber_Palowakski said...

Sorry I couldn't stay long for the ball...rl has an ugly way of intruding into our SL. Congratulations on the joining together of the Red Dross and Bloodwing Foundation.